Tips for Passing Online Exams

When you attend an online school like the Monash online university, you are going to do everything on the Internet, including your exams. These are typically going to be multiple choice and short answer. The multiple choice portions will just allow you to select the answer with a checkbox system, and the short answer portions will allow you to write or paste – if you wrote your answer in a word processor – your text into a box. You can then submit each answer as you go. Below are some tips that can help you pass.

1. Find out if the test has a time limit.
If it does, make sure that you do not start it until you have time to finish it. The last thing that you want to do is fail because you had to go to work and you left part of the exam unfinished.

2. Find out how to save as you go.
You always want to save as you go so that you do not have to start from the beginning if something goes wrong. Many test programs will save automatically, but it is best not to assume that it will.

3. Use a word processor to write out your answers.
The online text box is not necessarily going to give you all of the tools that you need to check your work, like a spell check system or a grammar checker. You are best off to write your answers out on your computer’s word processor, save them, and then paste them into the box for submission.

4. Find out what materials you can use.
Some exams are open-book, meaning that you can use your course materials when you are taking the test. Others require that you take the exam without anything to see what you remember. Find out how the test is going to work before you begin so that you can use all of the tools that are allowed.

5. Check your Internet connection.
Make sure that your Internet connection is working perfectly before you try to start the test. If it is not, it may be impossible to submit your answers, which is especially problematic for a timed test. You could find yourself failing the exam not because you do not know the material, but simply because it is impossible for you to show the professor how much you do know.

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