The Route a Student Can Take to Become a Diplomat

The field of international relations has become increasingly important in today’s world; countries are more interdependent than ever as former barriers on trade and the flow of knowledge/information have disappeared, thus making it important for a given country or society, to not only understand what is going on in the world, but also the ways in which it must deal with other countries/societies. Professionals that engage in international relations are usually responsible for protecting their nations’ interests; these professionals who study international relations are diplomats. Given that the field has become quite important, especially now that globalization advances at an unprecedented rate, many students begin to pay attention to international relations, and naturally, to diplomacy. How can a student go about becoming a diplomat? This is the question that we propose to answer subsequently.

Theory is important for an individual that is interested in studying, and working in, international relations. In his opinion, theory is inevitably because it is important for a person to understand what is going on in the world; there are always many things going on in the world and in order for a person to understand them and what they signify, it is inevitable to have some theoretical knowledge in politics (this knowledge, of course, must be explicit; implicit knowledge is not enough because it is knowledge that an individual is unaware of, and unable to use). However, despite having sufficient knowledge (explicit knowledge) that will enable an individual to understand what is actually happening in the world, it is impossible for predictions to be made about what may or may not happen; strategic interaction makes prediction impossible because of the ever-changing strategies that all economic/political agents implement. As well, it is important that students be outgoing, that they interest in others’ problems, and that they are flexible. Third, anyone interested in becoming a diplomat must be fluent in more languages than one. English is naturally the top language that a diplomat needs to master, but other languages that are important to grasp are Chinese, Urdu, and Arabic.

As well, it is important that a diplomat be able to understand what each individual situation requires, and that he or she is able to act accordingly. For example, the United States brought war and destruction on Afghanistan and Iraq, despite the fact that international institutions, especially the United Nations (UN) did not approve of such action. Later on, the United States had to return and ask for the UN’s help in dealing with the ongoing and seemingly endless war in Iraq; the United States thought it could take care of things on its own, but as it turned out, it couldn’t. In this situation, the harmony between international powers had to be restored, and it was up to diplomacy to acquire this. Sure, all diplomats had different beliefs and ideas about what had happened, but they realized that peace was the most important objective, and so they were flexible and managed to reach an agreement.

Clearly, in order to become a diplomat there is lot that a student must engage in and train in; foreign languages, theoretical as well as practical knowledge, openness, and flexibility are but a few of the many things required in order to be successful. As well, it is important that any student interested in the field undertake studies in international relations, because that is what diplomacy is all about.

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