Job Hunting in the Digital Frontier Simplified

One of the greatest changes that evolved with internet is that it revolutionized job searching. The digital medium simplified job-hunting incredibly, as anyone could look for vacancy listings in any profession now. One can also conduct localized job searches like looking for city of San Jose CA jobs at However, the overall situation remains checkered. Latest reports count the overall US unemployment rate for October 2013 at 7.3%. California topped the states in the percentage of unemployed recording 8.7% of the population as jobless.

News for new jobs also made their mark in October. The latest report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes the economy added 204,000 jobs in October. Another report also indicates that the in October, an overwhelming number of 623,000 full time workers lost their jobs. This figure also includes the calculation of the furloughed government employees who came into the count as ‘unemployed’ during the 1-month government shutdown. 

Keep looking for jobs

In such a juxtaposition of the economy, where do you stand as a jobseeker? It is important to evaluate your position without ceasing from the search for jobs. There are actual risks to stop looking for jobs because the BLS only includes the people who are jobless currently but are actively looking for work. If you cannot show any evidence of job-hunting, online or otherwise, you are at the risk of falling in the gray region of ‘neither employed nor unemployed.’

If you need to put the perspective into figures, consider the fact that presently around 11 million Americans have their names in the ‘officially unemployed’ list. The number of people who are the grey region accounts to roundabout an overwhelming 91 million American citizens. You need to keep searching for jobs to stay relevant, and the internet can be your best friend at the job.

Searching at job sites

The job portals enlist all jobs available in your area. However, for a 360 degree view, consider searching at multiple job sites. This is because not all companies register their vacancies with every portal. You can also use the job sites to filter and search for jobs according to different criteria. While you are at it, consider looking at the social network for professional connections. The site effectively links job seekers with premium opportunities. You can also be member of your niche groups at the professional social network.

Home based online jobs

Of course, you would be looking for office jobs online. However, many people nowadays use the internet to look for home-based jobs. Several creative jobs fall in this category, including professions like freelance writing, graphic designing, fashion designing, interior decoration, and photography. Readily available jobs include the data entry and transcription jobs. Many websites also look for remote customer support professionals for their site. Thousands of freelance IT professionals are also working through the internet in various specializations.

Consider choosing a home-based profession that can attract work from international clients. Jobs like writing and photography are becoming solid foundations into the creative job market for many professionals. There are several freelance job portals, each posting thousands of job requirements every day. Another profession that centers around the internet is the work of a SEO or search engine optimization specialist. Training resources are abundant in the internet, and you can definitely consider looking for work in this fast evolving field.

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