Improve Your Car Performance With ECU Remapping

Have you lost your car engine’s optimum performance? It can happen with any vehicle and you can regain previous performance easily through ECU remapping. ECU stands for Engine Control Unit, it’s like brain of your car’s engine. It controls your car’s engine with the help of “maps” or software programs. You can alter the map in the ECU to regain the previous performance.

The ECU is designed to control and lower engine power, may you find it strange but the logic behind this is engine work effectively in different countries. As every nation’s fuel quality and environment differs from other so it helps engine to endure in tough conditions.

In countries where high grade fuels are available you will be able to maintain performance of your car, and ECU remapping can help you to get full performance of your car’s engine. In the remapping process you should trust on only experts. Don’t try yourself or ask anyone to do this. Expert mechanic will overwrite the original engine maps with new one.

The new remapping will recalibrate fuel pressure, fuel injector duration, fuel timing, turbo boost pressure and other factors. These will boost engine emission and power. If the remapping is done by a professional it will give your engine more torque and power plus will reduce fuel consumption. However performance of engine can vary and depend on engine model.

Also what type of remapping you are using will impact differently, whether you want better fuel efficiency or maximum performance, so choose accordingly. You can ask to expert or the technician for right remapping as well. Thirty five percent of power improvement is achievable in a turbo diesel engine with remapping. If you have turbo and non-turbo petrol engines you will get little improvements.

After remapping you will actually feel the difference in performance. Engine will be quieter and through all gears you will get sharpen throttle response. You will get boost in efficiency around 3-5 MPG, you can compare and count it with MPG calculator. So what are you waiting for just go for remapping and get several benefits.

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