How Do I Get Into Human Resources Management?

Human Resources is one of the fastest growing career fields. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that its projected job increase is well above the national average. The annual income is also well above the median national income. Every corporation and organization requires a Human Resources department to assist with creating a safe and lucrative work environment for employees.

Human Resources departments require a manager. Human Resources Management has many functions, such as handling recruitment, compensation, benefits, motivation, training and administration. A Human Resources Manager will often wear many hats. This position requires someone who is personable, approachable and able to handle the wide variety of roles that a Human Resources Manager has. If this sounds like you, it may be the perfect career path to follow. You may be asking, “How do I get into Human Resources Management?”

Education Requirements

There are many ways to get into Human Resources Management. In the past, one could apply for an entry level Human Resources position and work their way up to management. However, in modern times, Human Resources Managers generally require higher education. While the exact requirements will vary for each organization, below are example education requirements:

·         Bachelor’s of Human Resources – The majority of organizations require at minimum a Bachelor’s of Human Resources or similar major. This degree trains students in the basics of the many responsibilities encountered in the field of Human Resources.

·         Master’s Degree Management – Enhancing your credentials with a Master’s Degree in Management will further prepare you for a role as a Human Resources Manager. Having this degree will help you stand out among other applicants when seeking career opportunities. It will also further prepare you for this exciting career. At the following link you can find out more about a Masters Degree Management

If you have recently completed your bachelor’s and are looking for a way to expand your education while already working in the Human Resources field, you may consider pursuing an online online masters degree in human resources

What’s in it for me?

Landing a career as a Human Resources Manager can be quite lucrative. The exact benefits and pay will vary depending on the organization where you find employment. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the salary range is between $55,000 and $130,000. On top of this, you will likely receive health benefits, paid time off and a 401K.

If you wish to get into Human Resources Management, higher education is key. Pursuing a higher education is a tried and true method of gaining employment in this fast-growing field.

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