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I recently recalled a story my mother once told me from her childhood. Patty grew up in a tiny town in the mountains of Arizona. It’s one of those places that has a distinct, pleasant-smell that you get used to in a day, but remember forever. Near her house was small pond full of different kinds and colors of fish. She still remembers vividly how she would sit near the edge and stare at their seemingly endless swimming motions. When she was about 6 or 7, she had a realization much more mature and logical than her age.

“Winter is coming soon! I can remember from past winters that it snows and I have to wear a big jacket to stay warm! It’s okay though because we make big fires in the fireplace and I have a nice warm blanket to wrap up in. But what about the fish? They can’t come out of the water or they can’t breath! Doesn’t water freeze when it gets cold?”

Worry for the fish engulfed Patty, and she turned to her father for help. He did the best he could to explain how fish were part of natures cycle. She was convinced to not interfere, and let nature run its course.

Sure enough, the pond froze over that winter. Patty would sit at the edge and inspect the surface for any sign of movement beneath, but all she could see was ice. She concluded that the fish had all died and became very upset. She was torn apart with blame for the tragedy. Finally, spring came and the ice melted. Patty felt the urge to check and confirm her fears. When she peered into the pond, she had a pleasant surprise waiting for her. The fish had somehow survived! Her father had said that nature is mysterious…

Even as a young girl my mom was able get a basic grasp of the complicated concepts of energy transfer and phase change. These are things we can observe and know deep down, but can spend the rest of our lives learning about. With time we all gain greater understanding.

While formal education isn’t (and shouldn’t be) our sole source of learning, it is an essential part of it. At CrushThatTest, we are excited to to help students accomplish their academic goals more easily and effectively. We enjoy being part of a worldwide academic community that hold sacred the urge to gain knowledge. We aim to continue helping others improve the world by learning about it.

-Jay Jackson


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  1. Sue Viswan on March 19, 2010 9:04 pm

    Cool post.

  2. Solli Paarda on March 19, 2010 9:17 pm

    Nice segue to chem topic of energy transfer from story

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