Best places to study

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If you want a quiet place where you can focus to achieve your study goals:

The library can be an oasis of calm and respite from the hustle and bustle of classes. Find a corner in the “Quiet” area and settle down for a study session.

Find an empty classroom and voila! Your friends and you have an environment tailor-made for discussion, study groups, and quiet studying. Blackboards, seats, projectors are all available in a classroom.

Both at the library and the classroom, you get away from friends, the TV, phone, the fridge and other distractions.

Coffee Shop
The local Starbucks or Peet’s may be just the location to get some studying done. Not too noisy, not too quiet. Have noise-cancelling headphones available in case the espresso machine bothers you. And, of course, you have hot java available on demand.

Barnes and Noble or Borders can be the perfect place to study, with books to browse during breaks and being able to discuss with friends in study groups.


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