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Research shows that “repetition is the mother of skill”, then it comes to learning a new language. How many of us can afford 100s and 1000s of dollars for Rosetta Stone or a college course to learn a language.

Yet, we can learn a new word or two every day , and then use it in a sentence with a native speaker. The native speaker might correct us, and that is great. The reason it is good is that we feel a little ashamed when this happens. That sense of shame might push us to learn more and do better in the future.

Learning a few sentences in a language like Spanish can greatly help in the United States. Our culture has absorbed many aspects of the spanish language and latino culture. The ability to at least speak a few sentences in Spanish, the language natively spoken by 15% of the US population, is useful. It allows us to communicate and share ideas with people on a daily basis. Even if the sentences we might use are simple, the native speaker appreciate the effort and might reward us with a cheerful smile, better service or even a job opportunity.

Crush That Test flash cards for Hindi have been well-received by native Hindi speakers who want to learn English and students of South Asia study programs in the US, who wish to learn Hindi.

We will be releasing our Spanish flashcards with 1000 of the most commonly used words and phrases in mid-may 2010.

Happy studying!


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