Crush That Test Announces the release of eStudyguides and eFlashCards for AP subjects

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Redwood City, Calif., May 2, 2010 – Building on the foundation of deep research into learning styles and adaptive learning, Crush That Test is launching online eFlashcards and eStudyguides at designed for high school students to ace their preferred Advanced Placement tests.

The revolutionary eFlashcards are designed to be more appealing, interactive and engaging to capture and keep the attention of media savvy high-schoolers who are often exposed to a wide array of online learning solutions. Relevant content, a study mode and test mode, and illustrations that appeal to the 16-18 age group are incorporated into the new online learning solution. Crush That Test eFlashcards for Biology, for instance, assist students study faster and retain more biology concepts, particularly among those who struggle with memorization.
“The AP tests have become a requirement, not an option, for admission into the top colleges. We are very excited about our eFlashcards and their potential to help students succeed in their quest for AP success,” said Crush That Test’s Chief Knowledge Officer Jay Jackson. “We have received rave reviews of our eFlashcards from students at a top University in Texas, who have said that they saw a direct improvement in their academic achievement. Early adoptions by school districts all over the country will allow us to work with experienced AP teachers who will help us demonstrate online learning’s clear strengths.”
Using research-based methodologies, eFlashcards and eStudyguides at engage all learners with media-rich content and comprehensive knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and US History. Organic Chemistry, Physics, and US Government will follow in the coming weeks. The new web-based courseware also provides anytime, anywhere access and empowers students to choose their preferred learning approach, thereby making lessons more personalized and has the greatest educational impact for each student.
“Numerous national studies show that the U.S. is experiencing near crisis proportions of students who are not proficient in the sciences as they enter college” said Crush That Test’s President and CEO Sundar Nathan. “We built the new AP Chemistry and AP Biology solutions specifically to help students, schools and districts meet the challenges of college admissions and the instructional demands of No Child Left Behind. Based on our initial feedback from pre-launch demonstrations, educators and students are finding that it does that very well.”
More than 500 teachers and 3000 students recently participated in customer advisory panels to review the new Crush That Test eFlashcards and eStudyguides. Among those were a group of students whose feedback can be seen at

About Crush That Test®
Crush That Test, LLC. has offices in Redwood City, California, Austin, Texas and Chennai, India. The company is a cutting-edge publisher of online learning solutions to make learning easier and more efficient with our patented and scientifically proven tools. Our eFlashcards and eStudyGuides cover every essential concept for a growing list of courses. At a fraction of the cost of a textbook, you can have access to over 1000 flashcards per subject. With online flashcards, you can quickly learn all of the important material while skipping the fluff. You can then test yourself – all the while tracking your progress with dynamic charts and graphs. CrushThatTest can identify the specific areas where you need more work, and will design tests and quizzes targeted to those specific concepts.
As a part of the Destination AP Success® solution, Crush That Test® combines content correlated to College Board standards with powerful tools that allow students to target their individual areas of challenge. For more information, visit


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