Save $1000s with CLEP tests – the secret colleges don’t want you to know

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The College Level Examination Program (or CLEP) refers to a group of standardized tests that determine college-level information in several subjects. Many universities and colleges grant credit to students who meet a minimum score on the CLEP tests. The tests are useful for students who have acquired knowledge outside the classroom, for example, through independent study, job experience, or cultural experiences. CLEP also offers international and homeschooled students the chance to show their proficiency in subject areas and bypass undergraduate coursework.

Using CLEP testing for college credits is an excellent way to place out of some college credits so you can save money on tuition and spend your time and focus on the topics and subjects you like. However, just taking the test won’t guarantee that the credits will be accepted.

Steps to make sure your CLEP scores will be accepted:
* Be sure the college you will attend accepts CLEP credits.
* Before taking CLEP tests, know if the college you will attend will allow as many CLEP credits as you want to test for.
* Find out about scores. Some colleges accept pass/fail.
* Get your CLEP Transcript. If you took the CLEP before you knew which college you would attend, you can get a CLEP Transcript Request Form from or order the transcript via their phone number, 1-800-257-9558.
* Follow through. Contact your college to be sure the correct office received the results and has applied them as you expected.


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