Interactive Learning at UT-Austin

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I recently read an article in the Daily Texan regarding UT-Austin’s interest in providing rooms on campus for “interactive learning”. Apparently, there has recently been a legislative push toward using e-books as opposed to text-books, in part due to the outrageous cost of textbooks. It was also stated that developers of the interactive learning initiative at UT were interested in moving away from the currently used e-book as a primary learning tool. They want to make the learning experience more interactive. As pulled from the article, “Features can range from pictures to video tutorials to hyperlinks while allowing students to highlight and take notes directly on their screens.” This is all very interesting and exciting because CTT coupled with Menteon seems to be a version of what UT would like to implement. Interactive learning models seem to be the wave of the future; that is, e-books used as a source of information coupled to a software like Menteon, that allows the user to extract and import diagrams and/or text in a ready to use format that expedites the process of information retention. I thought that this article was in-line with our current endeavors at CTT to bring our e-learning interactive model to college students.

Here is the link to access the Daily Texan Article:

- Joel McMillian


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  1. Adam on April 17, 2010 3:32 pm

    Ready for a bunch of e-textbooks on a reader, instead of lugging textbooks around…

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