Become a Computer Technician

If you like meddling with computers and are looking for a good career option, this may be the best thing for you to do. Everybody is buying a computer based product or upgrading or using software and applications that are streaming into the market. But very few know anything beyond basic using patterns, and so when troubleshooting options fail, the computer technician is the one who is coming to be depended upon for a host of needs like assistance in the use of computer hardware and software, including operating systems, printers, scanners, networks, safety, environment and security. A lot of companies are looking for computer technicians who have an IT security degree so that they have peace of mind when it comes to protecting confidential information about their business.

No matter how good (or poor) you already are with computers, it is usually necessary to get a recognised certificate computer technician training under your belt in order to get a good start. The courses are easily accessible through even good online schools that will allow more flexibility with your current schedules. Training period could be from near 8 months to a little over an year depending on your time input. You can start with between to $40,000-50,000 annually, but it is advisable to focus on experience, and you gain with work exposure.

The demand combined with the kind of expertise you find yourself gaining in will lead up to an exciting, dependable and rewarding career. Depending on the niche you create for yourself you may call yourself a Computer Specialist, or an IT Specialist, Support Specialist, Computer Technician, Computer Support Specialist, Technical Support Specialist, Network Technician, Help Desk Analyst, or a Network Support Specialist.

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